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Firestorm backgrounds, free peoples part 1.

Lord Commander, Amos Thule
Freeguild General of the Thule Brotherhood, Relicbearer.

"For Sigmar, for the Brotherhood! Always onwards brothers!" -Amos Thule some time during Realmgate Wars.

A Stern commander and a master strategist, Amos Thule has commanded his Freeguild guard through many battles across the realms since he became the Lord commander.

He wears all of his many scars with pride, but he never boasts about the past. Amos, even at his age, is a warrior to be feared in combat. He wears his heavy platemail and carries his trustworthy sigmarite mace to battle.

As Lord commander and eldest of his brotherhood he also hase the right and duty to carry the Banner of the Brotherhood.

Luther Flamestrike,
Battlemage of the Collegiate Arcane, Flamekeeper of the Sigmarsunds Great Furnace.

"Everything that is wood will burn, everything that is stone will crumble." -Luther Flamestrike during the siege of Kharduul.

Thule and his men often find it a good thing Luther is on their side of the war. The Erratic wizard usually keeps to himself in his chambers of the Great Furnace. From there he upkeeps the eternal flame and keeps his eye on city.

When the freeguild march to war Luther usually accompanies Amos as his advisor on all things arcane, but if needed he will also join him in the battlefield burning everything in his way.

The Knights of Thule

Demigryph knights

Only the most capable soldiers of the brotherhood will be handpicked by the Brotherhood elders to join the ranks of the knights Thule.

"The Peppermill"
Helblaster Volley Gun

"Old but gold" -Old guardsman saying of the Thule Brotherhood regarding "the peppermill".

One of the eldest brotherhood warmachines has maybe seen its best days, but always gives the soldiers that extra bit of comfort when around.

Fletchers thugs
Freeguild crossbows

Fletcher and his men used to be  nothing but low life thugs and petty criminals, but Brotherhood recruited and trained them.

Their personal style, and experience has made them a valuable asset to Thule. Usually Fletcher and his men are scouting before the main force or doing border patrols.

More to come.

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